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When you join The American Mindfulness Association you become a part of something bigger than yourself, a community dedicated to advancing evidence based mindfulness.  Not a funding a for profit company this is the non-profit where proceeds go back tot he vision and mission of your American Mindfulness Association. 

  1. Education and Training: Programs designed to help you maintain your edge and keep your skills sharp and current.
  2. Networking Opportunities: An excellent opportunity to network with other professionals and mindfulness business leaders.
  3. Members Only Benefits: Access to group benefits and discounts on products and services as a value-added return on your investment.
  4. Access to Membership Directory: Increase your exposure to industry peers, thought leaders, and potential clients.
  5. Research Resources: Take advantage of resources to build rapport and improve your credibility in the professional network.
  6. Events and Conferences: Qualify for discounts and/or special access to upcoming World Mindfulness Day conferences, trade shows, and events.
  7. Return on Engagement:  Broaden your professional experience through participation in committees, board of directors, social media, and blog content
  8. Standards, Innovations and Developments: Stay on top of new products, services, and innovations within the mindfulness industry
  9. Community Outreach: Share your knowledge with other member businesses and promote a sense of cooperation.
  10. Volunteer: Provide member volunteer support and participation
  11. Professional Internships: Connect mindfulness businesses with the student community to establish career and mentorship opportunities

Individual Membership Types

 As the premier professional trade association for the mindfulness industry, we are proud to demonstrate mindfulness in our member levels.  We welcome all aspects of the industry including but not limited to mindfulness researchers, teachers, authors, and coaches.  In 2024, to respond to member requests we have updated to a monthly membership.  You get all the benefits of membership with one simple monthly charge of $30.00. 

Students with proof of student identification can access membership at $10.00/mo.

Company Memberships

Often times companies would like an entire company or division to have access to the American Mindfulness Association.  If your company is looking for 2 or more memberships contact us for special company pricing. [email protected].  These memberships can be billed on an annual or monthly membership basis. 


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