The American Mindfulness Association accomplishes its work thanks to the time and talent contributed by AMA members who work both independently and in collaborative workgroups to advance the global industry of mindfulness. A variety of opportunities are available, and most can be completed without the need for travel. Being an AMA volunteer allows you to take a deep dive into a topic of interest to you, strengthening your knowledge while also demonstrating your leadership in the professional mindfulness community.  Use the listings below to find your next AMA opportunity! 

(Note: Membership is required to view opportunities, apply and serve as an AMA volunteer leader.)


Membership Committee:
Chair: Jen Blue
Co-Chair: Open position  

Membership is at the heart of every association, and with the American Mindfulness Association. This committee works with us to constantly strengthen the value proposition, strategies to focus on new and existing members, and grow value further into associations to engage even more association professionals of all roles.

Key initiatives:
            Offer bi-monthly membership orientation programs
            Build out the AMA State Liaison Program
            Facilitate In Person Social Happy Hours
            Facilitate online socials events

Chair: Sid Desai
The Technology Committee of the American Mindfulness Association (AMA) focuses on the intersection of technological innovation and mindfulness, aiming to bring the benefits of mindfulness into the digital age. By researching tools such as AI, VR, mobile applications, and wearable devices, the committee seeks to make knowledge of digital mindfulness practices more accessible and engaging. It serves as a bridge between mindfulness practitioners, technology experts, and the broader community, ensuring that technology supports the mindfulness journey in a meaningful and ethical manner.
Key Initiatives:
Online Mindfulness Tech Forums: Host quarterly online forums or webinars focusing on the intersection of technology and mindfulness, with an aim to attract at least 100 participants per event.
Mindfulness Tech Awareness Campaign: Launch an annual online campaign to educate the public about the benefits and uses of technology in mindfulness, measuring success through website traffic and engagement metrics.
Collaborative Research Project: Initiate at least one annual research project in partnership with academic institutions or tech companies to study the impact of technology on mindfulness practices, aiming to publish findings in relevant journals or platforms.

Scientific CommitteeChair:  Jackie Quan, scientific liaison
Co-Chair: Michael CoplenMembers: (8-10ppl) 
The AMA Scientific Committee fosters discovery to improve the access to and application of scientific research to the board and members of the AMA. The Scientific Committee is comprised of associate and assistant deans for research from member affiliate institutions. The research committee serves as a resource for finding funding opportunities and preparing materials that are helpful to all AMA members.